Our Focus


    How do we solve real world challenges using data? How do we improve our lives while protecting our personal data? What and where is the trade off?


    We've heard about the Internet of Things, home automation, car connectivity, now let's see some disruption. Let's challenge how things have always been done.


    Big Data! Ha! In 5 years we will look back and call that little data! We struggle with the volume of data today so let's build businesses to solve these data challenges today and for tomorrow.

    Our Themes

    Practical Skills

    How can we keep refreshing our data skills as new technologies emerge, new challenges arise and the demand for fresh intelligence grows.

    Knowledge Share

    How can we learn from each other to keep iterating, stand on the shoulders of giants, fail forward?


    How do we improve our lives while protecting our personal data? What and where is the trade off?


    How do we get more people into Data. There is a shortage, there is demand, let's support the next generation with the right career path.

    Get ready to rock in...

    The Team

    Colin Smith

    The Lead

    Colin has been in tech since 1998, in a career that spanned firms such as LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Aol, and a host of start ups and scale ups. Colin recently launched TestBoard, a productivety and workflow tool for data scientists and analysts.

    Martin Lepka

    The Data Democratisation Guy

    Martin loves data and wants everyone to learn about data! Martin is a director at Keboola, a platform to collate and integrate data, as well as co-founder of the Data Foundry which helps people get into data and build out their expertise.

    Kam Rafique

    The Founder

    Kam has worked in Data & Analytics since 2002 at companies such as Microsoft, Disney, Expedia, Sky, BBC, Fidelity Investments and BT. He founded Venturr, AnalyticsList as well as TLA DataTech.

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